I didn't start out to make handmade quilts and quilt tops for sale.  The idea of selling them came about
because I have too many quilts and quilt tops as a result of a real love for the process of making
patchwork!  Designing and then piecing the quilt tops are the parts of making a quilt that I enjoy the most.  I
consider my quilts and quilt tops to be handmade even though I piece them on my trusty Singer 319W.  
This is the only sewing machine I've ever owned and we've grown comfortably old together :)  
All of my
quilt tops are made by me personally in my home sewing room
, which is my favorite place in the
world.  I have a wonderful collection of quilt books and enjoy looking at them but I've never been able to
take a pattern and stay with it until the quilt top is finished and looks just like the one in the book.  I always
end up thinking, "Wow, wouldn't a little Pinwheel or Shoo-Fly or Churn Dash or maybe a few Flying Geese
look good there!"  This is great because it makes my quilts original and it
keeps me happy!
My fabric Stash is something to behold!

When I design, my quilt pieces are all laid out on the floor for two reasons: one is that I don't have a wall
that is empty enough to be my Design Wall, and secondly, because I consider the number of times I have
to bend over and reach down to the floor before each quilt is completed,  to be my personal exercise
program!  When I'm in the middle of a quilt and find I need a little piece of odd colored green fabric, I don't
want to go to the store.  I want to turn to my Stash and find just the right piece and I usually can.
I realize that some of the pictures are a bit crooked, but (and more importantly)
the quilts are straight!!
Free Quilt Top Drawing!!!!
Hope you'll enjoy looking at my quilts as much
as I've enjoyed making them!
This is a really good thing considering how much I love
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