This quilts below have been quilted on my home machine with a meandering stitch. I worked quite a while to learn to
meander on my machine and now own the beginning quilts that just didn't work as well as I wanted.   I read
somewhere that it takes about one hundred hours for you to "teach your machine" to meander and I think that's
about right!  I'm pleased with the work that I was finally able to do but I don't claim that it can compare to what the
long arm machine quilters can do :)   These quilts that I'm offering for sale are ones I'm pleased with, not one that I
learned on!!  Each handmade quilt has my label and a hanging sleeve. The binding is done by machine.
Jacob's Shells
42 x 42 Quilt
Price $150.00
If you establish a place in a room for a wall hanging or homemade quilt,  you can quickly
brighten the room or make a seasonal change just by changing the quilted wall hanging.
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This handmade quilt has been long arm machine quilted
by Vicky Van Houten.  Vicky has applied the binding by
machine and then hand stitched it beautifully.
Purple & Red Butterflies
50 x 50 Quilt
Price $175.00
Quilted by Vicky Van Houten
Hand stitched binding
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Close-up of Quilting
Close-up of Jacob's Shells
The following are Quilt Tops of mine that have been
longarm quilted by Mary Perini.  They have hanging
sleeves attached and the binding is applied by machine.
Stars & Checks in Black & Tie Dye
41 x 41 Finished Quilt
Price $170.00
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Pink Lace
49 x 49 Quilt
Price $200.00
Tipsy Flowers
51 x 51 Quilt
Price $190.00
Campbells Shoo Fly
56 x 56 Quilt
Price $160.00
Mickey D vs. KFC
52 x 52 Quilt
Price $200.00
Back of Mickey D vs. KFC
Apples with Black Plaid
39 x 40 Quilt
Price $150.00