Sold Quilts and Tops
The red stars set in the hexagons appear to be twirling :)
This quilt top shows so well in person.  The red and yellow combination is beautiful.
The tie dye fabric has a gold metallic vein through it which shows very well.
This focus fabric features bowling pins and made some interesting stars.
The purples in this quilt top are brighter than shown and the light blocks are in a mix of light purples.
Don't worry -- the Kite got a tail in the quilting:)
This is a very dramatic and sophisticated looking quilt.  The fabric in the sashing and 9-patch cornerstones is black with a gold fleck in it.
The stacked hexagons look good in the triangle setting on this quilt top.
I liked the partial octagon stars in the border of this quilt top.
This is one of the tops where I just kept adding blocks until I liked the way it looked.
Colorful little wall hanging for a kitchen or breakfast room.
A very dainty cottage quilt.  Great way to announce the spring season in a room.
The background floral fabric is a linen blend and is also used for the pinwheel stacks.
Surfer Joe is showcased in one of the larger blocks and the Hula Twins in another.
This quilt top shows more contrast in person and the sawtooth borders on the blocks are really nice.
The little striped border added a lot to this quilt top.
A striking quilt top with the black background.  The focus fabric had large fish on black - thus the pieced fish and bubbles.
Very delicate colors blend well.  Small piecing.
The moment I saw this beautiful and colorful focus fabric, I knew that I wanted to combine it with black and white in a checkerboard setting.
Great subdued fabrics in this one.
This quilt top was so much fun to make!  I just kept making blocks and fill-ins that would add to the look.  The little apples are my favorite part of the quilt.
I loved making this quilt top!  The rainbow background really set of the colorwheel octagons.
I think this would be a great quilt for a baby boy!  The boxes are pieced from stacked madras plaid.
Great fabric with old-fashioned little kids on it.
This quilt makes me think of a nice Wintertime nap!
The octagons in this quilt top are made with a very pretty holly fabric that forms wreaths in many of the blocks.
The doves on the focus fabric became snowflakes when used in mirror image 8 stacks :)
This is a wonderful piece of focus fabric showing African women and children.  I was so pleased with the corners on the on-point setting.
Loved the pink rick-rack type border on this quilt.
Red and Yellow didn't used to be one of my favorite color combinations. It is now!
This is a very delicate looking quilt and the ribbon border shows very well.
Great kids quilt with all of the animals in the border hexagons.
The pinwheels and border hexagons were made with a flag print.
The fabric for the octagons in this quilt has leopards on it.  Same fabric in the tiny pinwheels.
Sweet looking quilt with lots of flowers.
The nine-patches with color in them also include triple stacks in this quilt top.
Always trying to design new ways to set the Stacked Octagons!  Love the pieced hearts :)
The focus fabric is covered in close set moose.  Pulled so many different browns for this top :)
Pink and brown make such a great combination.  The focus fabric is a linen blend and the 16 patches are made with stacks of that fabric combined with different browns.
The octagon shape of this quilt makes it a very striking wall hanging.
The focus fabric in this quilt is covered in red and orange roses.  Very showy!
The tiny pinwheels look so playful
Lots of tiny pieces but loved the effect.
These courthouse step blocks make a plaid-like look because of fabric placement.
Notice those very tiny half square triangles in the border!
When the pinwheel blocks are split they form a block that looks like a flower.
The pale pink to dark red blocks give a lot of depth.
Loved the Sawtooth Star plus four patches corner treatment on this quilt top.
Loved these colors and the focus fabric with faces, eagles, buffalo, etc!
The colors are much brighter in person.
Liked this log cabin setting and the red and brown color combination.
By tiny, I mean finished at one inch!
A simple scrap pattern that always shows well.
This is the second quilt top made from this fabric .  What looks brown is a gold metallic dot on black.  Very dramatic quilt in the artificial light of evening because the gold metallic really shows.
The focus fabric has Palm trees and Flamingos.  This quilt top is brighter than the picture.
The double fold bias binding that comes with this Quilt Top is also scrappy. The Quilt Top is more of an orange-red than shown.
Working with the stacks to make the center of this quilt top was so much fun.  The blue background color is a little brighter in person.
Thank you to all of my customers....
I love thinking of my work being enjoyed by others!!
Really pleased with this design and the great colors!
A very spring looking top.  Really liked the way the hexagons and angles created a line between the baskets.
The nine patches finish at 3 inches.  Note I used two different background fabrics so that I could make a Friendship star in each block.  While the star doesn't show a lot, it brightens the whole quilt :)
This is a foundation pieced strip quilt.  While this type of piecing is as old as can be, the quilts can look very contemporary.  Surprisingly work intensive to get the angles the way you want them.
One of the very few quilts I've done with hand applique!
While this top is small, the visual impact isn't!  The nine patches are finished at three inches.  This one is a favorite of mine :)
This was a wonderful quilt to make because of all the scraps.  While a scrap quilt is more time consuming to make because of all the different fabrics you're dealing with, I think they're my favorite kind of patchwork.  With a scrap quilt, there is no question that it's homemade!
The shadow- which is very easy to piece- really shows up the scrap boxes.
The watermelon fabric has great rich colors in it.
Liked the little nine-patch cornerstones.
This crazy patchwork fabric was so colorful that the three-quarter pinwheels were a joy to make.
Loved the border :)
The scrappy nines mixed well with the two floral fabrics.
The shoo fly blocks give a scrappy look and then the red and white toile brings it together.
The light fabrics in this top are ones that I hand dyed.
I love all of the Log Cabin settings!
The focus fabric in this quilt shows frogs all dressed up :)
Great quilt for a young boy with the colorful airplanes flying around.
Pleased with the corner treatment.  I'll be using that again!
Sorry for this picture - the quilt top really does have a border all the way around!
This focus fabric made great stacks and I like the design.  Very intense colors!!
I've always wanted a Moon Garden of all white flowers to look at in the moonlight.  Never managed that, so this is the next best thing :)
This quilt's little squares are very tiny!
A friend suggested the name when she saw the Quilt Top....perfect :)
Super Scrappy!!  This was fun for me to find a way to set a bunch of stars made from stacked fabric left over from other quilt tops :)
I wanted to make a top with orange, pink and purple without it being garish.  I think that the pastels and black and white accents accomplished toning down the brights.
Brighter than the picture.  I liked the large star formed by the red & green.
The pinwheels look great with the plaid fabric stacked for each one.
I think they may be talking about where the fried eggs came from in that red border fabric :)
This would make a lovely baby quilt!  There is space in the setting blocks for some nice quilting.
Loved working on it - loved the result :)
A lot of half-square triangles...thus the name :)
These blocks are made from so many different fabrics!
Hope you'll take a close-up look at those blocks - the focus fabric was amazing!
Loved this little Santa!
Look at all of the tiny flying geese in the border! I made the geese while waiting for news of a grandson's birth :)  Really like the turquoise highlights in this Quilt Top.
Great colors in the focus fabric
I was amazed at how adding the four 16 patches brought out the central double star design.
These mirror boxes use the back of the fabric for every other triangle.
Subtle colors make the quilt look older - lots of room for great quilting to show.
The double fold bias binding on this Quilt Top is also scrappy.
I really liked this setting on an old favorite.
A lot of gold in the scrappy blacks.
Note that the center of each block is a Friendship Star using the border fabric.
This Quilt Top came about by using four different stacked hexagon groups in combination.  I had planned on four different quilt tops but it just wasn't working.  Together, I loved them :)
Some great traditional fabrics.
This design was fun to work with and I was pleased with the red zig-zags!
Sometimes, I really like to use lots of red to pull scrap colors together.
Shows great in person!
Design shows well in person.
The little touch of green in the Drunkard's Path blocks, really makes the red glow.
I started making Sawtooth Stars with each piece of different solid colors that I had.  I had a lot of them!
Making the backgrounds get increasingly lighter towards the center gives some nice depth to the quilt top.
This very large floral print focus fabric made very diverse blocks.
Quilting would show up well on this lighter quilt top.
Loved the sun faces in this focus fabric :)
A very pretty little traditional quilt top with some great fabrics.  Note the quarter inch scrap inner border.
Huge collection of black & white fabrics...includes little kids, music, orchestra, chickens, roller coaster, cow print, paw print, eyes that glow in the dark, languages, zebra print, flowers, geometrics, etc.!!!
Sunny little quilt. Could hang either horizontally or vertically or use for a baby quilt.
The focus fabric shows dressed- up lady pumpkins - loved it.
Nice focus fabric with gold and the green background has gold flecks in it.  The design, as is usual for me, just developed as I went along.  I think the half-stars on the outside border are very effecive.
The title comes from the fact that I used a block in the lower left grouping whit four red squares, where there should have been five.  I set the missing swan down in the lower left corner of the setting triangle :)
Loved the setting on this quilt top.
The nine patches are made with Stacks of the focus fabric, so that each one is different but they coordinate well.
Loved this setting - it makes the tiny nine patches sparkle :)
I had a bunch of Log Cabins that I didn't feel like setting in a normal way.  I cut off the corners and resewed the triangles on different corners and thought they looked cool :)  Do they look like houses, muffins, some animal with a big red nose??  I don't know, but they're fun to look at!
The focus fabric has wonderful fall colors and a little bit of gold metallic.
All of the blocks are made with stacked fabric.  Would be a good quilt for a little girl.
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