I love it!!!
Sadly, I would be hard pressed to tell you what I had for breakfast this morning, but I can almost always
remember if I have a particular piece of fabric!
Even more amazing is that I know where it is :)

If I didn't work in my sewing room every day, I think I'd have a hard
time not apologizing for my Stash!

You'd think I would have tidied up the piles a bit for the picture but
then I wouldn't have been able to find anything for a while :)
My hard-working Singer 319W, which
I mentioned on my Home page, has
brought me a surprising number of
E-Mails.  I've always loved her but I
didn't realize how many people
thought the 319W was special :)
I  finished this quilt in March of 2007.   I named it "Bobby & Me & Family" and the
only fabrics used in it are from family clothes or scraps from clothes that I had made.
I had originally planned to make each block with one piece of fabric from my clothes
and one from a piece of my husbands clothes and name the quilt Bobby & Me.  
However, the family clothes kept calling to me so the quilt became a family affair.   I
enjoy looking at it and remembering the people I love wearing a particular piece of
clothing!  To me, quilting from old clothes is the essence of "scrappy"!
This quilt was made in 2001, when I first got back into quilting after a twenty
year absence (during which time I enjoyed raising a great family )  All of the
fabrics, except the white background, are from clothes that I made for my
daughter.  Do I save stuff or what!!!
I paper-pieced the little girls and gave them little pony bead eyes (I hasten to
add that in real life, my daughter does not have "beady little eyes!!)

You can imagine the memories that came back as I "dressed" each little
fabric girl just as I had dressed the real little girl twenty-some years before.   
Quilts preserve memories and keep those precious times a part of our busy
daily lives.  I believe a quilt can make you pause and think, and then, smile
at the remembrance.

I'm pleased that this quilt now hangs in my daughters home :)
& Stuff
A little picture update on some
of my Grandkids
Woman does not live by fabric
This new cabinet allowed
me to get almost all of my
fabric out of plastic
containers!  Hoo-ray!!
Look at that Static Hair!!!
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I now have a "sister" machine to my
319W.  It's a 206 and fits into the
same cabinet as the 319W does.  I'm
a two-machine girl!
These are the fabrics purchased with
stacking in mind.  I spent a day  separating
them by number of repeats( eight, six and
fewer than six) and grouping them on the
shelves.  It will sure be easier to look for a
piece of fabric now!
Some of my scraps that have been cut
to sizes that I generally use a lot.
When Three-year-olds Play Soccer
Note the glee - note the speed-note
the position of the ball :)
I noted that my camera has a panoramic picture
option, so I tried taking a picture of my sewing
room.  How cool to be able to do that!  I've had
the camera for how many months now :)
lollipop!  My grand kids are a constant
source of joy to me :)
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I love this picture of my
daughter, because, not only
could I not do this now, but I
could not have done this at
any time during my life!
Woo-Hoo, I'm all excited!
My daughter wrote and my son
illustrated two children's books!!
The books are available on Amazon
- just click on the book to go there.
My Grandsons reacting to
seeing Spiderman at the local
carnival last night.  Love 'em :)